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ExoPC’s Standby Mode

If you need to carry your Slate around, it can be tricky to know how to hold it comfortably without setting-off commands and selections unwittingly with your fingers and arm. To ease transportation of your Slate, you need to put … Continue reading

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The ExoPC Slate: A Month Later

I suppose if I’m going to write a few how-to’s about the ExoPC Slate, I should really explain what it is, why I bought it, and what I think about it so far. The ExoPC Slate is a tablet PC … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of My Tech

I’ve been keeping a couple of other blogs about the stuff I’ve learned using my own personal tech, mostly the ExoPC Slate tablet and my BlackBerry Bold. I find that writing notes about what I’ve discovered while using these gadgets … Continue reading

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