ExoPC’s Standby Mode

If you need to carry your Slate around, it can be tricky to know how to hold it comfortably without setting-off commands and selections unwittingly with your fingers and arm.

To ease transportation of your Slate, you need to put it in Standby Mode. This mode puts the Slate to sleep without logging you out, but you cannot activate it by touching the screen.

  • To put the Slate in Standby Mode, press the power button for 1 second (the power button is on the back of the Slate). The Slate screen will fade to black and the Power button will blink.
    Make sure your thumb is NOT covering the orange circle in the top left corner of the ExoPC screen.
    This will make the Windows 7 Shut Down page appear.
  • To cancel the Standby Mode, press the blinking power button once so that it stops blinking. Standby Mode is canceled and the Slate becomes  active again (this may take a few seconds).

Once the Slate goes into Standby Mode, it can last up to 36 hours from a fully charged battery. If you leave the Slate in Standby Mode for too long, it will go to sleep and you will need to hold the Power button down until the blue light in the top-right of the Slate blinks. The Slate will start up again and Windows 7 will resume.

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