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I’m having to record some application demos for a video tutorial at work and the application they use here is DXtory. I’d never heard of it before, but it seems pretty popular in the gaming industry.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation with DXtory, so I’m guessing they are relying on their loyal fans to explain it to the noobs. I tried searching for some documentation on it and went through some pretty pathetic video tutorials (that I usually gave up on 1/3 of the way through it) until I found this one:

In this video, the vlogger speaks a little quickly, but he gets to the point and has a clear idea of what he wants to teach. I took some notes for what applies to me and I’m off to the races!

I’m leaving this here just for my own notes, but I’m hoping you’ll find it useful. If you’re new to DXtory and you just want to start recording, here is the boiled-down procedure:

1. Lauch DXtory and launch the app to record.
2. Click Target tab, click on the app you wish to record, then click back in Target Information. The path for the target will appears in the Target Information panel, and the EXE file will appear in the Process List.
3. Click the Folder tab, click the Add icon and select the folder to which to save the movie file.
4. Click Benchmark to read the speed of your harddrive.
5. Click the Keyboard tab to assign the hotkey (default: F12)
6. Minimize DXtory, start your app, and press F12 to start recording.
7. Press F12 to stop the recording.

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