Amusing Typo

While reviewing a technical document, I found a most humorous typo: suedo-code. Unless the code is actually made of suede, I’m going to assume the author meant Pseudocode.

I posted about this typo on my Facebook page and hilarity ensued:

Susan P: Maybe it’s sudo-code: code with someone else’s privileges.
JD: Or Sudoku-code: writing code in a 9×9 grid.
Susan P: Swedo-code: BORK GET BORK.
JD: How about Swayze Code : ghost – writing dirty code in a roadhouse style.
Susan P: Do-Si-Do Code: Code called out then performed through dance.
JD: Sous-Chef Code: Writing code while your boss watches over your shoulder. The. Whole. Time.
Rob St-M: Sue-sue-suedo-code.
Sarah G: Sudo-code: code you need to wrestle with.
Shahna S: Suet-code: the woodpeckers love it.
JD: Suez-code: this bit of legacy code allows a free flow of information between two databanks. Conflicts arise when rival coding teams try to lay ownership claim to the Suez-code and historical hilarity ensues.
Susan P: Churro-code: It only seems crunchy, but once you’re past the somewhat spicy bits there’s nothing but sticky goo beneath. Mind you, this is a design feature.
Sari S: A Boy Named Sue-code: only makes sense when played on a guitar.
Ron D: Sue-de-code: ’cause dey done robbed mah bits
Douglas T: Suedocode? No, Coderouy!

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