Games on the ExoPC

I won’t lie… I love playing video games. I’m more of a PC gamer than a console gamer (although I do own a Wii), but I wondered if how tablet games would stand up to PC games that have a keyboard and mouse.

The ExoPC has a few of its own games like Air Hockey and the Line Rider, and it certainly works well with the classic Windows games (Solitaire, Hearts, Spider, etc.).

Over the Christmas holidays, I installed Steam and Plants vs Zombies. This game is even more fun on a tablet! Being able to tap and plant your garden against the hordes of oncoming zombies is very satisfying (although the conveyor belt levels seem to require a double-tap to make the selections).

Today I learned that the latest gaming craze Angry Birds, which was until recently only available on Apple product, is now available in a Win32 version, which means it can be played on the ExoPC.

You can read about it here. It costs $9.99 (there is a special right now where it’s being sold for $4.99). You can also see a video of it running on the ExoPC on YouTube thanks to DarkKevin!

As for other games I like (like WoW and Team Fortress 2), I can’t see them working very well on an ExoPC without a keyboard and mouse, although with a docking station, they may still be possible, I guess. I think the ExoPC’s hardware can only handle less processor/graphic-intensive games. Time will tell.

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