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Writing and Editing

Writing is like building a house in the woods where no house previously existed. Re-writing is like demolishing a house in the woods and rebuilding it to suit your needs and stylish flair. Editing is like: inspecting every door and … Continue reading

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I’ve always known that Weird Al was somehow spying on my life. I now have proof.

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Passing the Buck

Years ago (in the mid-1990′s I think), I was doing a contract for a client that developed their own touch-screen technology for the food service industry. I had submitted a draft of the documentation for review to a client with … Continue reading

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Amusing Typo

While reviewing a technical document, I found a most humorous typo: suedo-code. Unless the code is actually made of suede, I’m going to assume the author meant Pseudocode. I posted about this typo on my Facebook page and hilarity ensued: … Continue reading

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