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Writing and Editing

Writing is like building a house in the woods where no house previously existed. Re-writing is like demolishing a house in the woods and rebuilding it to suit your needs and stylish flair. Editing is like: inspecting every door and … Continue reading

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Strengthen Your Writing

Reading technical documentation is nobody’s idea of an enjoyable night in. You could try to make it special with some wine and candlelight, but it’s still going to be a stretch. Therefore, the documentation needs to strike that balance between … Continue reading

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Promo Script Writing Project

So I have been having to sit on this for about a week, but now I’m allowed to show it off. Here’s the story. In mid-December, I was contacted by an office furniture-design company in the Montreal area called Group … Continue reading

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Fixing the Giant Ship

I was looking up some stories and I came across this Islamic folktale: – The following is an incident about an engine failure in a giant ship. The ship’s owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could … Continue reading

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Passing the Buck

Years ago (in the mid-1990′s I think), I was doing a contract for a client that developed their own touch-screen technology for the food service industry. I had submitted a draft of the documentation for review to a client with … Continue reading

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They’re singing my song

Whenever I get to sing Paperback Writer on Beatles Rock Band, I always filk the lyrics and sing Technical Writer instead. Now a friend found the full version of my tribute song on YouTube. Although the author is not a … Continue reading

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Explaining Menu commands

Way back in the days when dinosaurs and unicorns roamed the earth, not many people owned what we now recognize as a Home Computer. And even those people that did own a Home Computer, it was a command-line-based system that … Continue reading

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