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I’ve always known that Weird Al was somehow spying on my life. I now have proof.

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Passing the Buck

Years ago (in the mid-1990′s I think), I was doing a contract for a client that developed their own touch-screen technology for the food service industry. I had submitted a draft of the documentation for review to a client with … Continue reading

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Amusing Typo

While reviewing a technical document, I found a most humorous typo: suedo-code. Unless the code is actually made of suede, I’m going to assume the author meant Pseudocode. I posted about this typo on my Facebook page and hilarity ensued: … Continue reading

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Random Advice

Just in case any of you go crazy and decide to be Technical Writers, let me impart this nugget of wisdom: when writing instructions, be aware that users PRESS keys on a keyboard and they CLICK buttons on the interface. … Continue reading

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Pictures vs Words

I submitted a sample draft of a User Guide to my client a few days ago and I got the feedback today. Most of it was fine, but this one comment made my left eye twitch: Is there a way … Continue reading

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Creating Topics in Robohelp from a Frame document

I’m currently relearning the joys of RoboHelp after a few years and a few versions of unfamiliarity and I hit a snag on trying to convert documents into topics. I’m using Framemaker 10 and RoboHelp 9 (as part of the … Continue reading

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They’re singing my song

Whenever I get to sing Paperback Writer on Beatles Rock Band, I always filk the lyrics and sing Technical Writer instead. Now a friend found the full version of my tribute song on YouTube. Although the author is not a … Continue reading

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Blueberry Perception of Techwriters

Last week, my 7 year-old Toshibasaurus finally broke down (actually, it was the battery and power pack that died). I could just replace the battery/power pack, but truth be told, the Toshibasaurus was getting long in the tooth and slow … Continue reading

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Games on the ExoPC

I won’t lie… I love playing video games. I’m more of a PC gamer than a console gamer (although I do own a Wii), but I wondered if how tablet games would stand up to PC games that have a … Continue reading

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Navigating DOS menus

I keep discovering that the ExoPC is better designed than I previously believed. Because it’s a Windows OS, it sometimes doesn’t shut-down properly and when you boot it up again, you get a text-based DOS menu asking you to take … Continue reading

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