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Launch DXtory

I’m having to record some application demos for a video tutorial at work and the application they use here is DXtory. I’d never heard of it before, but it seems pretty popular in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Romancing the RoboHelp

In my latest project, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the joys of Adobe RoboHelp and Framemaker to produce some online help. Please see my previous post about RoboHelp that I’ve updated to include RoboHelp 11. I’ve been using RoboHelp for … Continue reading

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Writing and Editing

Writing is like building a house in the woods where no house previously existed. Re-writing is like demolishing a house in the woods and rebuilding it to suit your needs and stylish flair. Editing is like: inspecting every door and … Continue reading

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Strengthen Your Writing

Reading technical documentation is nobody’s idea of an enjoyable night in. You could try to make it special with some wine and candlelight, but it’s still going to be a stretch. Therefore, the documentation needs to strike that balance between … Continue reading

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Promo Script Writing Project

So I have been having to sit on this for about a week, but now I’m allowed to show it off. Here’s the story. In mid-December, I was contacted by an office furniture-design company in the Montreal area called Group … Continue reading

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Fixing the Giant Ship

I was looking up some stories and I came across this Islamic folktale: – The following is an incident about an engine failure in a giant ship. The ship’s owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could … Continue reading

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Professional Body Language

When you are working with people, either as a co-worker or as a manager, and you have someone explaining something to you that either you don’t understand or you think is outlandish, you need to hide these emotions from your … Continue reading

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I’ve always known that Weird Al was somehow spying on my life. I now have proof.

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Passing the Buck

Years ago (in the mid-1990′s I think), I was doing a contract for a client that developed their own touch-screen technology for the food service industry. I had submitted a draft of the documentation for review to a client with … Continue reading

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Amusing Typo

While reviewing a technical document, I found a most humorous typo: suedo-code. Unless the code is actually made of suede, I’m going to assume the author meant Pseudocode. I posted about this typo on my Facebook page and hilarity ensued: … Continue reading

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